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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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evening. the big story tonight, two more troops killed at attacks overseas. a man believed to be part of the afghan national police turned up on the international forces. the gunman was killed. the attack comes on a same day that a maryland national guard unit charged with training the police oversees returned home. george? >> unit commanders say it was a difficult mission, but it was at the centerpiece of the u.s. strategy in afghanistan. >> it is fantastic to be home with the family again. >> they were honored saturday, assigned to the international security assistance force in afghanistan, helping to train the afghan army and the police in the hopes they will fight crime and the taliban on their
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own some day. it is part of and in u.s. combat operations there by the end of 2014. >> the challenge was trying to train them to the way that we do it. we taught them the basics. our job is to show them how to do it and they learn how to do it. >> the homecoming comes on the same day that two nato troops were killed by an afghan police trainee. >> it is a part of the conflict that we deal with on a day-to- day basis. as a leader, i thought we were led and prepared and trained. nothing can help you prepare for something like that. >> they spent a year in afghanistan, deploying on september 11 last year, on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. for many of them, it was their third tour. >> i have four children, and he
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is the first i did not see born. the sacrifice that we do, it pays off, though. you come home, it is a good feeling. >> this is the same unit that included commander rogers, a longtime baltimore phiz said teacher killed by an afghan denman during an uprising that followed karan burnings at a military base. another attack in southern afghanistan left two u.s. marines dead. they confirmed the attack friday. it is the same base where prince harry is deployed, but officials say he was not injured. the taliban claims responsibility, say it was in response to the anti muslim film produced here in the u.s.. >> during the attack, two of our
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soldiers died, two u.s. marines. furthermore, a couple of airplanes and infrastructure have been damaged. during the fight, a total of 18 insurgents have been killed, one additional wounded, and he is under custody. >> the taliban says the camp was targeted because prince harry was there. it marks a wave of anti-american attacks across the muslim world this week. a california man linked to that bill was escorted by sheriff's dipodies to an interview with federal officers. with his face covered, he willingly went to be questioned about possible probation violations. he was to be interviewed to see if he was in violation of his federal probation. he was convicted of federal bank fraud charges two years ago. officials stress he is not under
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arrest. amid the growing turmoil overseas, the state department ordered the departure of all family members of non-essential personnel from embassies in sudan and tunisiai, in an effort to keep americans abroad safe. >> weird when whatever we can to protect american serving abroad. -- we are doing whatever we can to protect americans serving abroad. every nation has a responsibility to help us protect our people. >> the president expressed his resolve for bringing to justice those responsible for the attacks on u.s. citizens. a shooting in southwest baltimore, the police called to the 500 block of coventry road at 12:15 this afternoon, where officers found the victim. there is no word on the motive and the gunman is still at large. baltimore county police are asking for the public's help in finding a missing elderly man
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who left at 9:00 this morning from his home he is a 78-year- old african american with a full beard, mostly bald, with gray hair on the side, last seen suit.g a gray sweat the police say he suffers from a mild case of dementia and diabetes. anybody with information should call 410, 817, 1340. baltimore county police detectives are asking for the public's help interviewing an elderly grandson found murdered in pikesville, named as a suspect in the case. investigators say they learned matthew wald was an oklahoma. he had been living with his grandparents when there were killed, but he was missing when the police discovered the couple's body on monday. according to the police, he is
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undergoing mental treatment at a hospital and oklahoma. >> we entered mr. long in the national missing persons data base. they notified the police department and we began making preparations to go out there. >> the police described the injuries as traumatic but did not say how they died. an accident sent a woman to e hospital. the police arrived on reisterstown road to find an issue feet in a store. the 76-year-old driver was parking the vehicle when for some unknown reason that went through the front of the store, striking a customer. that person suffered non life- threatening injuries. the driver and her passenger were not hurt. officials with the national institutes of health say a superbug has claimed the life of a minnesota boy. he arrived in bethesda in april, treated for complications from a bone marrow transplant when he
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contracted the bog. he was the 19th patient at a hospital to contract the strain and the seventh to die from it. west nile virus bring will resume next week as alarming data comes out about how some people are finding out they have the illness. state officials say they will conduct mosquito spraying in pikesville and catonsville. state health officials say that 10 people so far this year tested positive for west nile when it went to donate blood. >> if that test is positive, that the nation is removed from the blood supply. the blood supply is still considered very well protected. >> so far, 25 people have been infected with the west nile virus in maryland, two have
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died. perfect weather today for an annual festival, and the ravens and the maryland food bank scored big to end the fight against hunger. hundreds rallied as the teachers' union is close to a deal. and another tabloid that published the photos of the duchess of cambridge. duchess of cambridge.
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an illinois teenager is charged with trying to use a weapon of mass destruction as he tried to blow up a bar in downtown chicago. he was arrested friday night. fbi agents. tending to be extremist gave him a phony car bomb had arrested him after he tried to detonate it. thousands of striking chicago teachers rallied today in union park as union leaders
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try to hammer out an agreement to end a weeklong walkout. the main issues are job security and a new teacher evaluation process. both sides are hopeful that the strike will end and students to return to class on monday. i an italian casa magazine was the next to publish the topless photos of the duchess of cambridge. publishers say they will carry the photos despite the threat of legal action. a french magazine was sued after they ran the photos of kate mittal 10 that while they were on vacation. so many possible segues, but i will not use nearly one of them. >> a gorgeous day today. we will do it again tomorrow, then deal with a storm. right now, 60
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♪ ♪ live entertainment on three stages highlighted the african- american cultural festival in towson.
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it featured food, fun, and historical exhibits. >> a lot of attractions, a lot of things to buy and eat. a good representation of what african american culture is all about. >> this is the 16th year of the festival. the maryland's -- the ravens teamed up with the maryland food bank to end hunger, collecting cash and nonperishable foods. they also partnered with the ravens, launching a virtual food bank or donors can contribute online. >> it has increased 130% in the past five years, so the need is just getting greater. >> those who donated at least $50 online will receive the chance to receive two tickets to a ravens game. last year, the maryland food bank distributed more than 26 million pounds of food to 600
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children. we had one of those days today, a lot of sunshine. the front went through last night, reenforcing the cool, dry air we have been experiencing all week long. it just continues. why not tomorrow? there is a fly in the ointment, a storm developing. it is down in the gulf of mexico, and once things get cranked up early next week, it could produce some moisture. until that happens, we are in great shape. it is chilly right now, reasonably cool today. the typical high this time of year is 77, we only made it to 75. the morning low was 54, the temperatures falling into the 50's. the record today, 98, 35 at the
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low. we could still get near 100 this time of year, and we are beginning to see some of these lows near freezing. that will not be the case this time around. easton 57, same on the boardwalk, an oakton 62, 54 frederick. still in the 50's western maryland, but they will be in the forties tonight. some of the suburbs northwest of town. thin clouds overhead, related to this storm that wants to develop to the south. at the moment, the high pressure is keeping us high and dry. tomorrow, we may have some thin clouds, but the wet weather will remain to the south and this will continue to develop. this will combine eventually with a front from the north, and will both come through, converge, coming through early next week. we are dry, we could use some rain with the dry weather, so the rain is not the most
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verboten thing. it is in the forecast. as far as the hurricanes, nadine is heading to the east, and we have the tropical wave approaching the wayward islands. it is not well organized. if the wave of the survives, it may get into a better environment down the road, a few days. at the moment, not a big issue. our forecast overnight, clear and chilly, upper 40's, low 50's. tomorrow, high, thin clouds, mostly sunny and pleasant, 76- 80, a typical this time of year. west wind at 5-10. future-cast, clouds sunday, monday, we begin to see some rain getting closer to us. the rain will remain in the forecast until tuesday. seven days, 78 tomorrow, 73 when the rain starts. still in the 70's after the
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storm passes. >> we are keeping an eye on this game. the orioles battling the athletics. it started out very well, machado doing fine at the hot corner. across the country, it is america's favorite jackpot game. get ready, this is powerball. good evening. take a look at tonight's jackpot, an estimated $131.9 million. the first number -- 43, 26. justin took home $1 million. the next number -- 3, 20, and
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48. tonight's winning powerball for the jackpot, 1. make sure to check your tickets carefully. carefully. have a great night and we
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of all the amazing stats for the orioles, and there are many, americaninst the league east. this weekend, they are facing the west. batting practice in oakland, this big shot. bottom one, coco crisp. machado, the play at third. mclouth does not hit many, but when they go, majestic. his third of the season.
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the orioles with the lead. at the bottom of the seventh, britton falling apart, carter with the double. five-run inning. right now, it is 5-2, oakland leading the orioles. elsewhere, the yankees-rays. granderson, on a tear, his 39th of the year. top of the seventh, tampa with a rally on luke's got. liner to right, making it 4-3. top nine, sorry on a to close it. the yankees and 0.5 games up on the orioles, tampa for back of first. game 3 of the season for the maryland terrapins, hosting
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uconn. edsal was emotional, facing his old school. uconn dominating the early. the punt return, esperance free of the right side, upon, 57 year yards. 7-0 huskies. then a freshman, under pressure, throws widely to the end zone, his first touchdown. just like they druid up. that calmed the terps. -- just like they drew it out. here come the terps, but they fall 24-21. navy, facing penn state, not going well. the first quarter, 45 yards, 14-
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0, penn state. fourth quarter, the game is out of reach. up the middle, fumble. all emerges from the pile with the pigskin, 74 yards. penn state wins, 34-7. towson how was staying william and mary. 16 yards, 7-3. second quarter, the tigers downed 10-3. the towson quarterback cannot find anybody open, looks for the end zone, called sot the ball. third quarter, 13-10 tigers. enders looking for banks. liens for the touchdown. towson holds on for the victory. big day at hopkins, the coach looking for his 150th career win. jonathan, what a day, 13 yards.
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hopkins the winner, 49-15. 16th straight regular-season win. their coach joins morgan state as the only coaches in state history to reach 150 wins. >> there has always been great potential at johns hopkins. we are fortunate to be touching on the potential now. we have some good players, good coaches, is supportive administration, and we are excited about the future. he would not talk about himself at all. congratulations, coach. >> a lot of humility. congratulations. so anyway, i've been to a lot of places. you know, i've helped a lot of people save a lot of money. but today...( sfx: loud noise of metal object hitting the ground) things have been a little strange. (sfx: sound of piano smashing) roadrunner: meep meep.
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meep meep? (sfx: loud thud sound) what a strange place. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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tomorrow looks good, 78 high. monday and tuesday, a storm comes in. the rain may hold off monday until the evening. possibly thunderstorms tuesday. three days of good weather, wednesday through friday. >> take a break from your chores. >> i will do that. good football weather tomorrow afternoon in philadelphia, 70's. >> thank you for joining us. have a good night. this november, we the people of ohio will go to the polls and move this country forward. now it is my distinct honor to brow the president of the united states. i wouldn't want his job, right? ladi a


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